Thursday, October 21, 2010

Can T.V comedy explain politics better than other mass media?

The world is filled with political experts and annalists that flash shinny degrees on the underscore of news headlines in an attempt to justify their remarks as truth. The lens of history never provides a clear picture of what was right and what was wrong. In fact, it could be argued that the important events in the past are picked by the persons trying the most to influence events in the future. This scenario would explain many of the dirty secrets that are suddenly unveiled before elections.

So if the voting population is going to rely on mass media to pick and chose important events, which source should we pick?A logical approach is to take a three question quiz.

1. Are you a Liberal?
2. Are you a Conservative?
3. Am I an Idiot?

If you answered yes or no to the above three questions, you are and idiot. To be completely honest with readers, I failed this questionnaire at least 3000 times.

Everyone in the world has a bias, we pick what we like and ignore what does not agree with our prideful selves. How then, can we let a media source bent on the more ratings and less balance dictate the political sphere? Hence, if we watch Fox or listen to NPR for political guidance, we are all equally stupid.

But their is still hope, a beacon of shinning light in a dark political world. Comedy effectively mocks humans bias. It does not matter if the conversation is conservative or liberal, comedy will equally mock the most outrages bias we as humans can provide. It is in mocking our own idiocracy, humans find humor. For reasons unknown to science, logical human thoughts can only stem from openly making fun of the work and decisions of our fellow man.

So, in closing and finishing the original titled thesis “can T.V comedy explain politics better than other mass media?” The answer has to be a resounding yes, but in supplemental fashion. Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, Jay Leno, and Coco (when he gets back) find the biases of every mass media belief and mock those pundits. The crowd laughs not only at the pundits, but at themselves for understanding the illogical behavior of the human race and it is in that contradiction between bias and logic, we find things funny; and humor finds the answer.

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